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Belén Lopez Morata
Spanish lawyer (Amsterdam)
Bierens Debt Recovery Lawyers

Belen Lopez MorataBelén Lopez Morata is a Spanish lawyer handling cases in all Spanish speaking countries. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, she works extensively with national and international companies assisting them with their non legal and legal collection claims.

Belén’s career as a lawyer began at the University of Zaragoza, Spain and after getting her degree she moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. There she has gathered more international experience working for a company of luxurious goods as international sales manager for Spanish, Italian, English and other foreign relations. She started working as a legist for Bierens 4 years ago and in 2008 she was admitted to the Spanish Bar Association and in 2009 she joined the Dutch Bar Association which enables her to practise as a lawyer in the European Union. Over the last few years she specialized in international debt collection, working together with French, German , Italian, Polish and Portuguese lawyers, as well as specialist Dutch lawyers.

A part from being a lawyer, Belén is also a sworn translator from Dutch to Spanish and from Spanish to Dutch and she has been working, as a freelancer, as such for various companies. Furthermore, Belén is very active in the Spanish community in and outside Amsterdam.