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Madagascar: Rajoelina’s election endorsed after hard-fought run-off between long-standing foes   Jan. 16

Gabon: A military coup attempt during Bongo’s absence was foiled   Jan. 14

Bangladesh: Stable outlook after ruling party extends its power following contested elections   Jan. 7

Congo, Dem. Rep.: Elections were postponed for one week while tensions are rising and credibility is questioned   Dec. 21

Country Risk Updates, Short-term political risk   Dec. 19

Central African Economic and Monetary Community: CEMAC continues to struggle with liquidity pressure   Dec. 18

Georgia: Symbolic presidential election in an economy where risks arise from trade and large external indebtedness   Dec. 7

Bahrain: Election outcome provides little surprise, while economic troubles are increasing risks   Dec. 3

China: Challenging economic times ahead   Nov. 28

Ukraine: Rising hope for a new IMF programme   Nov. 26

Morocco: While the pace of reform continues, political protests reflect deep-rooted economic issues   Nov. 20

Sri Lanka: Political crisis in an adverse economic context   Nov. 19

Nicaragua: MLT premium category downgraded from 6/7 to 7/7   Nov. 14

Saudi Arabia: Prince facing backlash, putting his ambitions under pressure   Nov. 13

Brazil: A new president opens a new era, for the better?   Oct. 30

South Africa: Hopes for recovery confronted with serious setbacks   Oct. 19

India: Positive short-term economic outlook hindered by higher oil prices and currency pressures   Oct. 17

East Africa: Strong infrastructure investments push up public and external debt levels   Oct. 16 [PDF Download]

Hungary: A very open economy, vulnerable to protectionism measures   Oct.12

Tunisia: Renewed political turmoil while IMF concludes fourth programme review   Oct. 9

Côte d'Ivoire: Upgrade from 6/7 to 5/7 for medium- to long-term political risk   Oct. 4