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Sunday, November 11, 2012

6:30–7:30 pm

Welcome Reception

Monday, November 12, 2012

8:00–8:40 am

Continental Breakfast

8:40–9:00 am

Conference Welcome

9:00–10:15 am

Increasing International Trade and Investment – A Zero Sum Game?
Speaker – John Murphy, Vice President, International Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

In this very difficult and increasingly complex global economy, each of the major trading nations is attempting to increase their exports, attract direct investment into their countries and make strategic overseas investments. John Murphy, from his unique involvement in senior level international business affairs and his knowledge of existing trade agreements and those currently being negotiated, will offer his insight into the future opportunities, risks and barriers facing the major trading nations, as they pursue strategies designed to increase trade and investment (inbound and outbound). His address will provide an invaluable view of the pressures shaping and changing the global marketplace that each of our companies operate in.

There will be a Q & A following the presentation.

10:15–10:45 am

Networking Coffee Break
Exhibits open

10:45am–12:00 pm

Europe's Domino Effect: the State of the Union

As the financial crisis within the Eurozone shows no sign of abating, Europe remains top of the international watch list. The listless recovery is stalling as many countries try to reduce debt. During this European economic update, chief economist, Ludovic Subran, will examine the major European countries offering his assessments of the overall effect that the current state of the Eurozone is having on the rest of the world. This promises to be a session that you cannot afford to miss!


Ludovic Subran, Chief Economist, Euler Hermes

12:00–1:30 pm

Networking Lunch

1:30–3:15 pm

Navigating the Middle East

Despite the recent ethnic and religious upheavals, the Middle East is thriving with immense opportunities for those able to appreciate the particular requirements for doing business in this region. With common and unique cultural considerations, the influence of Islamic practices and the need to develop closer interpersonal relationships to help in easing the often strict regulations, there are many minefields to navigate in order to successfully conduct business in this region. Join FCIB's panel of legal, cultural, financial and business experts as they discuss best practices, insights and risks around doing business in this region.

Moderator: Walid Tamari, Partner, Tamari & Blumenthal, LLC

Panelists: Adolf Renaud, ICCE, Senior Director of Global Credit & Risk Management, Tekelec

Charles Hallab, Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP

Carolyne Spackman, Vice President and Country Risk Economist, Chartis

Aamir Shah, Global Banking Consultant, Wells Fargo

Kam Shah, Program Manager, Middle East & North Africa Business Information Center

Jim Dezell, Senior Vice President, Marsh Trade Credit


3:15–3:45 pm

Coffee Break sponsored by Chartis


3:45–5:00 pm

Lessons in Outsourcing & Shared Services: The Real Costs

From fears concerning security risks to waning customer service and loss of employee control, get a frank insight from FCIB's panel of experts into the upsides and downsides that companies face when deciding to take domestic resources and transfer them to foreign shores.
Join FCIB's panel experts for their short presentations followed by a Q&A session as they dissect the plusses and minuses of outsourcing and insourcing as they have encountered them during the various stages of their transitions. Delegates can benefit from the practical solutions formed from the best practices that have developed as a result of the panel's experiences – both good and bad.
During this interactive session, delegates are urged to pose questions to issues that they currently face or might potentially run into.

Moderator: Jan Woodcock, Global Consulting Partner – Telecom and Media, Wipro Consulting


Peter Holewinski, Principal, Westport International

John LaRocca, CICP, Director of Global Credit, Hitachi Data Systems Corporation

Tim Graham, CCP, Senior Manager GPO Credit, Oracle Corporation

Mario Zinicola, CCE, CICP, Senior Director, Corporate Credit & Treasury Services, Sharp Electronics Corp.

6:00–8:00 pm

Networking Dinner

1227 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

8:00–8:30 am

Continental Breakfast

8:30–10:00 am

The Future of the Credit Marketplace

With many countries struggling to reduce debt during a sluggish economic recovery, the deleveraging process that began in 2008 is proving to be long and painful. National economic prospects depend on how deleveraging plays out. History indicates that excessive debt stymies growth and that GDP finally rebounds years into the recovery process. Companies active in countries that are experiencing deleveraging should closely monitor progress towards targets that historically have coincided with economic improvement. These include banking system stabilization, housing market stabilization, structural reforms, growing exports and private investments. Join FCIB's expert panel in discussing the different paths that different countries may take towards sustainable growth.

Moderator: Luis Noriega, ICCE, Vice President, Export Finance Advisory, JPMorgan

Speakers: David Gustin, President, Global Business Intelligence

John Ahearn, Managing Director, Global Trade Service, Citibank N.A.

Carlos F. Montoulieu, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Services Industries, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce


10:00–10:30 am

Coffee Break

10:30 am–12:00 pm

How to Integrate a Successful Worldwide A/R Policy

Diminishing budgets and shrinking staff doesn't necessarily mean that your bottom line needs to follow suit. This session provides and excellent opportunity to dissect your peers' "best practices" and discover how credit management industry leaders have achieved closer cooperation between departments to better manage working capital, increase cash flow, minimize borrowing and increase profits. Use this opportunity to learn how you can potentially help to improve the productivity of your credit department and elevate your credit function's company-wide visibility.

Moderator: Patricia D. Donnelly, ICCE, Director of Credit and Risk Management, Osterman & Company, Inc.

Speakers: Mike Miño, CCE, Global Process Leader, OTC, Beam, Inc.

Peter Holewinski,

Peter Holewinski, Principal, Westport International

Gary Mulherin, ICCE, North American Credit Manager, Clariant Corporation

Michael Andreasen, ICCE, Corporate Working Capital Process Manager, TNT Express, Netherlands


Best Practices in Analyzing Credit Risks

As a credit professional today you probably face more work while having to find ways to increase your efficiency without increased resources. Because most customers are low risk, the key to efficiency in credit risk analysis is to quickly identify your risky customers. Then you can focus your in-depth analysis efforts on just those risky customers. Credit models, scores and ratings are the tools for this quick identification. This best practices presentation will review the major types of credit models, scores and ratings available to quickly evaluate the credit risk of a company. It will discuss which types to use in a given situation. These techniques can help you gain efficiency and achieve better results.

Speaker: Dr. Camilo Gomez, Senior Vice President, Quantitative Research, CreditRiskMonitor Inc.

12:30 pm

Conference Adjourns