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Export Compliance & Regulations Series

In this new series, Fred Dons, Director at Deutsche Bank Amsterdam, will cover everything today’s credit professional needs to know to stay on top of the fast-changing regulatory landscape, keeping their company – and bottom line – protected. Each session includes an in-depth case study, making the information directly applicable.

The series is available as a 4-session package or for each individual session:

Part One: OFAC, UN & EU Embargos
Part Two: Dual Use Goods
Part Three: Bank instruments Embargo, Blacklists
10 May: FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) & Trade Based Money Laundering

Keeping pace with export compliance requirements is an ongoing and time consuming challenge; regulations and restricted or denied party lists are constantly changing as are export documentations rules and formats in every country. Corporate compliance is a critical aspect of credit management and the failure to strictly comply with rules and regulations lead to major difficulties in collecting accounts receivable – which increase DSO and place a strain on working capital. Credit departments must have the knowledge and tools to successfully navigate the choppy international waters of export compliance.

Highlights of each webinar:

Part One: OFAC, UN & EU Embargos

- Key points of the OFAC Regulations
- Key points of EU Embargo Rules
- Key UN rules on Embargo
- Overlap and differences among the OFAC, UN & EU rules
- Case study

Part Two: Dual Use Goods

- What are dual use goods?
- Against which lists do you need to check dual use goods?
- Potential impact of selling dual use goods on your business
- Case study

Part Three: Bank instruments Embargo, Blacklists

- When are the trade instruments subject to which embargo rule (OFAC, UN, EU, other)?
- What other checks are being done and how does this potentially impact your business?
- What does a credit professional need to verify before presenting documents to a bank?br>- Case study

Part Four: FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) & Trade Based Money Laundering

- What is FATCA?
- How does it affect my business?
- Trade based money laundering and how to avoid being affected, directly and indirectly
- Case study on trade based money laundering

About the Instructor

Fred Dons is a Director at Deutsche Bank (DB) Amsterdam, having worked in trade finance for more than 25 years. Fred currently heads the Trade Finance Commodity team at DB Amsterdam. Fred started in trade finance operations in 1989 with AMRO Bank before moving to Deutsche Bank for the first time in 1991. In 1994, Fred and two colleagues started the trade finance sales department at DB Amsterdam where he remained until 2002. In 2003, Fred became Head of Trade Finance Operations for DB Amsterdam and, in 2004, became Head of the European Document Check Team at ABN AMRO before returning to DB Amsterdam in 2006, to serve as the senior sales manager of trade finance. In 2010, he became head of trade finance for large cap sales.