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About the Webinar

At the heart of every credit and risk management decision is Knowing Your Customer. Do you “Know your Customer” from a credit risk perspective? Does your company have a sound Compliance and Ethics Policy in relation to Credit Risk Management?

Is the company policy sufficient for current regulations within your own country in which you operate? Do you know which authorities oversee non-compliance and the enforcement penalties? Are you up to date on treaties, embargoes, sanctions and other export control regulations?

This session will examine not only the additional elements needed when extending credit globally but also present an overview of warning signs and red flags.

About the Speakers

Ed Bell, CBA, ICCE, , is the Senior Manager, Credit Administration for W. W. Grainger Inc., a $10B global industrial supplies distributor. In his career at Grainger, spanning over four decades, Ed has served in many key roles including Branch Manager, Sales Manager, Area Credit Manger, International Credit Manager, Corporate Accounts Credit Manager and National Corporate & Government Credit Manager.

Michael Van Steenwinkel, Global Credit Manager, Petrochemicals BP Aromatics, Belgium

Michael Van Steenwinkel is a chemical engineer and petroleum economist. After several roles in the financial and commercial analysis sector at BP in Belgium and Germany, he joined BP Petrochemicals’ credit department where he now acts as global credit manager.

Since 2011, Michael has been involved with Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) from a corporate perspective and is greatly committed to the continuous improvement of BP’s processes.

During his career with BP, Michael has gained extensive experience in credit enhancement and mitigation within an international trade credit environment.