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Learn how to use Trade Credit Insurance ("TCI") as a financial tool as well as a risk mitigation tool to maximize working capital. In today's global corporations market, it is vital to possess the knowledge to use this tool effectively. Join us for an overview of the basics of Trade Credit Insurance. We will explore why corporations choose to utilize this tool and how it can be effective in this ever-changing economy.
Additionally, we will review the various markets that offer trade credit insurance and the differences in the markets (cancellable vs. non-cancellable).

Credit Insurance Benefits

  • Trade credit insurance insures that receivables are freed up for working capital.
  • A risk mitigation tool for all company sizes: medium, large, small, banks, brokers and others.
  • Credit insurance is a powerful tool to help grow your business by offering better terms than your competition.
  • Ensures confident/comfortable trading.
  • The key to international credit success is having the best information about companies, sectors and economic trends to make informed credit decisions, minimize losses and expand into new markets. Credit insurance is one part of your equation success.
  • Credit insurance: your partner in solving or eliminating non-payment of commercial debt.
  • Credit insurance: your international credit safety net!
  • Credit insurance can also cover political risk and currency inconvertibility.
  • The trade credit insurance policy will pay out a percentage of the outstanding debt. This percentage is typically 90% of the invoice amount.

Additional Benefits

  • Reduces nonpayment risk
  • Enables you to extend competitive credit terms to buyers
  • Helps you export to new markets with more confidence
  • Increases cash flow


nadine mooreNadine Moore
Senior Vice President
Lockton Companies, LLC

Nadine Moore started with Lockton in September 2011 as a producer. Her product areas of expertise include trade credit, political risk insurance, tax credit insurance, as well as structured financial solutions. Nadine's industry experience includes financial services, technology and electronics, energy, and entertainment and industrial manufacturers.

Nadine has over 25 years' experience including senior management positions. She has held positions as an executive in finance as well as being a national practice leader. As a broker, Nadine negotiated the largest limit for trade credit insurance ever placed by a commercial insurer. She is known for her creativity and professionalism in developing client solutions. As a practice leader, she developed new and innovative products for non-traditional credit risks. Her focus is helping clients find insurance solutions that match their needs and help them improve cash flow or balance sheet positions. Nadine is a respected professional in the industry for her dedication to clients and fairness in dealing with markets.

Nadine has been published in Business Insurance, Market Watch, Crittenden's and in the textbook Energy and Environmental Project Finance Law and Taxation: New Investment Techniques. She holds an MS from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.