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FCIB's International Credit & Risk Management online course℠


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The next course begins on September 8, 2014. 

What does the ICRM Course do for you?

All professionals have to improve their skills, expand their knowledge and learn how to integrate everything that they’ve learned, and apply that knowledge to the benefit of their employer. It provides the fundamentals, allows participants to exchange ideas, knowledge and processes among and between themselves during the course, guided by an expert facilitator who is a accomplished educator.

How does the ICRM Course make you part of the A team?

The global credit professional needs to learn as much as they can and gather as many professional designation as possible to secure a spot on the A team.

A good employer will never fire or lay off an A team player – therefore, employees need to do everything they can to be on the that team.


Registration Fees

  FCIB Member NACM Member Non-Member
*Early Bird rate is valid through August 8th, 2014
*$850 *$950 *$1,500
Within 30 days of course start date $1050 $1,150 $1,800


Transfer and Withdrawl Policy

Transfer Policy: ICRM students are eligible to transfer to another session before the end of week two. Transfers are allowed only once and must be used within 12 months of the original course start date. There will be a $75 processing fee to transfer the registration to a future ICRM course.

Withdrawal Policy: ICRM students that withdraw before the end of week four are eligible for 50% of their tuition fee to be applied to any FCIB event or education course; including, but not limited to a future ICRM course. This credit must be used within 12 months of the original course start date.


The Course History

Recognizing that there were no stand-alone academic courses that addressed the basic elements of conducting global credit operations, FCIB led the way in designing a course to address this educational need.

In 2004, in partnership with the International Trade Administration and the US Department of Commerce, FCIB developed, designed and launched the first course of its kind – the International Credit & Risk Management online coursesm (ICRM).


The Course

FCIB’s International Credit & Risk Management online coursesm (ICRM) is a comprehensive, in-depth 13-week course designed to educate entry-level professionals as well as senior-level executives about the intricacies of global credit and risk management.

The course offers vital, up-to-date knowledge in a collaborative, 24 hours/day-accessible learning environment. Peer-to-peer interaction will build, diversify and strengthen a reliable network of professionals while helping you gain a 360° view of credit and risk management.

Drawing from multiple perspectives, the knowledge and hands-on experience provides you a more balanced view of how to better understand, manage and mitigate the credit risks associated with doing business internationally. In simple terms – know the risks of getting paid, and get paid on time.

By understanding the needs and challenges of credit and risk managers, this cost-effective, comprehensive and in-depth course was designed for you, the practitioner, to add value to your own professional development while making you an even more valuable asset to your company.

CICP Road Diary

Read about the journey of an ICRM student going through the process of getting his CICP designation.


The 13-week course consists of twelve (12) modules

(Click on the linked titles to learn more)

Module 1: Introduction to International Credit
  • Critical Concerns for the International Risk Manager
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Legal Aspects of International Finance and Lending
  • Credit and Collection Policies
  • Credit Investigation
  • Financial Statements for the International Credit Decision Process
  • Key Financial Analysis Ratios
  • Credit for Global Customers
  • Credit scoring
  • Country Risk
  • Currency Risk
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Tools for Reducing FX Risk
  • Culture Risk
  • Methods of Payment
  • Mechanics of Trade Finance
  • Documentary Collection
  • Commercial Letters of Credit
  • Guarantees, Standby and Performance Letters of Credit
  • Analyzing A/R
  • Principal Financing Techniques
  • Export Financing
  • Loan Decisions and Risk Management
  • Internal Systems and Controls
  • Cash and FX Management
  • Principles of Financing International Trade
  • Pre-Export vs. Post-Export Financing
  • Understanding Credit Insurance
  • Defining Credit Insurance Policy Coverage
  • Tools for E-Commerce
  • Ethics and the International Credit Manager


Successful completion of the course means

  • Completion of all course assignments
  • Regular participation in course discussions
  • Earning 75% or higher on module tests, and
  • Completing the online course evaluation at the end of the thirteen (13) weeks.


We realize that you are working professionals with busy travel schedules and circumstances may prevent you from participating in all discussions. We ask you to do your best. Students who fail to participate in at least 80% of the discussions will need a waiver from the instructor in order to sit for the certification exam.

As a course participant, you should expect to spend about 5 to 7 hours per week to complete the course module and assignments. Motivation, commitment, good time management skills and self-discipline are required to succeed in an online course.


The Benefits

It is not only knowledge in the field of International Credit Management that you will take with you, but also a powerful network of fellow credit professionals you can rely on.

The peer-to-peer interaction and collaborative nature of this cohort model learning structure (which includes various activities and regular communication with classmates and the instructor via Web Talk) provides a ready-made natural networking environment – something that students point to as one of the greatest benefits of the course.

Additionally, successful completion of the course, affords you the opportunity to take an online certification exam and be awarded the CICP professional designation - Certified International Credit Professional (CICP). The certification exam must be taken within two weeks from the end of the course.

Over 2,030 credit professionals in more than 50 countries around the world have earned one of the most prestigious professional designations in the field of international credit and trade finance, the Certified International Credit Professional (CICP).

As a benefit to all students, the course will be available online on the FCIB website for a year after the course’s completion.

Further questions? Please visit our FAQ section or contact us via telephone 410.423.1840 or email fcib_global@fcibglobal.com

Accreditation Points

Upon achieving the CICP designation, the Education Department of the National Association of Credit Management may award five NACM Career Roadmap points for those pursuing a CBF or CCE designation. CCE designation holders may be awarded two Education Points towards their recertification. For NACM certification questions, please contact NACM Education Department at education_info@nacm.org.


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