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ECR Research, an independent research firm from the Netherlands, has over 35 years experience and due to their unique concepts, over 3,500 decision makers reading their research.

Their strength lies in providing the essential "big picture overview" of the global financial markets. Furthermore, they are known for clear and accurate analysis and predictions on EUR/USD and other major currencies as well as US and EURO interest rates. ECR also looks at political developments as they increasingly impact the financial markets and economic environment.

For all financial professionals one thing is certain: they need to be on the ball as far as market developments are concerned! Not as easy as it sounds. ECR understands there is no lack of information! Today's credit professional probably has access to more research than they can possibly read. So how does one form an opinion? There isn't time to look at everything and often there are conflicting opinions or limited access to research from the best brains in the business, not to mention the expense.

ECR Research's experienced, independent analysts continuously follow the world's leading research. They analyze information from all the top investment banks and brokers institutions like the ECB, Fed, IMF and OECD, as well as the world's leading independent houses. They bring forward the main scenarios and views from these top houses and put them into perspective—citing the pros and cons of each situation. It's a simple formula but one that makes sense for financial professionals; after all, why not have the experts do the research. And the bonus is that ECR is not afraid to provide a strong, independent and outspoken viewpoint too!

Full Subscription Benefits

A full subscription would provide you with access to all the following research areas:

  • Global Financial Markets
  • Global Political Analysis
  • US Interest rates
  • Eurozone Interest Rates
  • EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, UK rates
  • EUR/CHF, USD/CHF, Swiss rates
  • EUR/YEN, USD/YEN, Japan rates
  • AUD, CAD, Commodity prices
  • Stock markets
  • Precious metals


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