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Foreign Exchange Management Online Course
February 03 2014 
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Not knowing how to reduce your FX risks can cost you money and/or clients. This four-week course is designed to give participants a substantial understanding of currency fluctuation gaps. If your company does international business, whether you are collecting in your currency or your international clients’ currency, you need to know the FX market.

Why would an international credit professional need to know about foreign exchange!

  • FX affects every international sale. There will always be winners and losers, so gaining information from the experts will create a more profitable business relationship for the long term.
  • Components of FX are imbedded in all international business transactions and an understanding of the impact of FX on the bottom line is crucial.
  • International credit professionals MUST have a fundamental proficiency with foreign exchange.
  • Successful and profitable global credit executives possess expertise in FX concepts and a deep understanding of how to manage FX risks.


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