Exhibitor Schedule of Events

10, 11, 12 September 2017

(EXPO closes on Tuesday, 12 September at 13.00)

Sunday, 10th September

15.00–17.00               Exhibitor Set-up
19.00–20.30               Welcome Reception & Expo Area Open

Monday, 11th September

08.00–08.45               Expo Area Open, featuring coffee and refreshments
08.45–10.00               Session
10.00–10.30               Expo Area Open, featuring coffee and refreshments
10.30–12.30               Sessions
12.30–14.00               Networking Luncheon
14.00–15.00               Session
15.00–15.30               Expo Area Open, featuring coffee and refreshments
15.30–17.30               Sessions
19.00–22.30               Networking Dinner

Tuesday, 12th September

08.00–08.30               Expo Area Open, featuring coffee and refreshments
08.30–10.30               Sessions
10.30–11.00               Expo Area Open, featuring coffee and refreshments
11.00–13.00               Sessions
13.00–14.00               Luncheon & Farewells


Exhibitor Guidelines

    • All exhibition stands, table top displays and marketing materials must be set up by 17.00 on Sunday, 10th September. Exhibitors should be in their areas in time for the Welcome Reception.
    • Exhibition stands may not be dismantled before the closing luncheon begins at 13.00 on Tuesday, 12th September.
    • Exhibitors are respectfully asked to commit to the exhibition schedule to help ensure that the Summit is a success for all involved.
    • Location of space at the Crowne Plaza Hotel - TBA.
    • Delegates attending the Summit will be served coffee and refreshments in the Expo area.

Additional Information for Exhibitors

The hotel will accept shipments of material no more than 3 days prior to Summit (on or after 6th September).

FCIB will provide a floor plan of the Expo Area to Exhibitors on or about 6th September. Exhibitors should bring outbound shipping labels to ensure that the Hotel can easily assist in arranging for material pickup. Additionally, Exhibitors will receive a list of attendees 3 days prior to the conference. FCIB’s Code of Conduct precludes the publishing of delegate email addresses and phone numbers. 

Need more information?

Please contact FCIB’s Director of Europe, Middle East and Asia, Noelin Hawkins, for more information. You may reach Noelin Hawkins by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at +44 (0) 121-445-6891.

FCIB reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any company or product for inclusion in the Summit.

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