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Determining standards of integrity and ethical behavior across borders can prove challenging. Culture and language alone are barriers. Discern the difficulties and the most effective strategies to create truly global ethical principles and transcend national boundaries when considering questions of integrity, ethics and responsibility.


Pam Thomas

pam thomasPam Thomas PGCE, MITOL, MICM, NLP has extensive training and management experience gained through a variety of roles in the banking and corporate finance sectors, including, insurance, oil and chemicals, pharmaceuticals, professionals Services, publishing, utilities, telecoms (billing teams), technology and local government finance departments.

In addition to working as an independent trainer, Pam has worked as an associate trainer for Dun & Bradstreet, The Institute of Credit Management, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Credit Services Association and Hemsley Fraser Group.

Pam has worked as a credit manager for a number of global corporations and has also undertaken consultancy work to design and implement educational programs, including a BA Hons degree in Credit Management.

Pam currently lectures in Credit Management for University of West London.