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Renew Your Membership

Membership Fees:

Primary Annual Membership Fee: $840
Secondary Annual Membership Fee:
(must be an affiliate/subsidiary/associate of the member holding the Primary Annual Membership)

Third and Subsequent Annual Membership Fee:
(must be associated with a member who holds a First Annual Membership and a member who holds a Second Annual Membership)

Global Corporate Package (unlimited membership):
(For an annual fee of only $2,300 any corporate can enrol its worldwide credit team, without limitation on the number of members. Regardless of where they are based or how many there are, members have access, 24/7, to FCIB's online educational platforms at reduced rates. There are no time zones acting as barriers or difficult team meetings to arrange (tying up valuable work time)—every member can listen in at his or her own time and pace, during or after work hours.)

Global Corporate Package (10):
(In recognition of Corporates who may have smaller global teams, annual membership is available at $1,900 for (10) ten team members.)