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About the Webinar

When there are no options but to turn to a third-party collection agency, what can you do to increase the chances of getting paid? This webinar gives you practical tips to help you increase the possibility to collect. Learn about collection fees, necessary documentation, internal policies you should implement, the involvement of the sales department, settlement, litigation and the use of technology to manage the recovery process effectively.

Program Highlights

    • Collection Fees
      Legalities of adding collection fees
      Using collection fees as leverage
    • Documentation
      Why documentation is essential
      Which documents are must-haves in your client files
      What contact information should you require prior to approving the sale
      Why Personal Guarantees are so important
      When to use second placements
    • Internal Policies
      Effectiveness of final demands, how and when to send them
      Coding account to show it is in collection and inform your team
      Setting up internal policies and procedures—knowing when to pull the trigger
      How to handle the debtor when they attempt to contact you
      What to say when they “refuse” to deal with the third-party agency
      The importance of timely responses to your agency
    • Sales
      Using sales to gather alternative contact information, cell phone numbers, emails, etc.
      How to mitigate sales “interference” after the account has been placed
      Debtor rehabilitation—should you continue to sell after they have paid the collection agency
      When is a customer not a customer anymore
    • Settlement
      What to consider in accepting settlement offers
      Short-term settlement versus long-term payment in full
    • Litigation
      The importance of allowing your agency to litigate
      When to litigate and when to walk away
    • Technology
      Why online access is important


CJ Walker
Goldman, Walker & DiMarco

cj walkerCJ Walker is the president of Goldman, Walker & DiMarco, a commercial collection agency based in Tucson, Arizona. CJ founded the agency in July of 2003 because she believed there was a better, more ethical way of doing business in the commercial collections arena. She joined forces with her business partner, Marc Mays, as they both shared the same values of ethics and integrity.

CJ began her collection career in 1991 as the first saleswoman for Milliken and Michaels in Tucson, quickly becoming one of the top ten sales people among the five offices across the country.

She worked for other agencies over the years and continued to develop her understanding of the commercial collection industry. She consults with companies and assists them in setting up internal policies and procedures to reduce their bad debt write offs.

CJ has been featured at several national conferences as a motivational speaker. She attended IU Purdue with a double major in Marketing and Psychology