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Working side-by-side with FCIB's Board & Advisory Council, FCIB Directors expertly lead the internal operations of the FCIB organization.

Noelin Hawkins, Director
Europe, The Middle East & Asia

Noelin Hawkin's 30-year background in industry, first as a credit manager

Noelin's 30-year background in industry, first as a credit manager in the domestic
United Kingdom market and then as an insolvency specialist, has proved to be of
great value in working with FCIB's credit professionals. Her experience includes
extensive involvement in industry specific groups, including engineering
(steel and processing), food, paper and printing, construction, IT, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Prior to joining FCIB, Noelin spent seven years developing client relationships
for key corporate clients within the professional services sector, specializing in
marketing communications. In addition, her long history of client service
management to industry with PriceWaterhouseCoopers has led to a well-defined
strategy for delivery of products and services to the FCIB membership.

As a FCIB director, Noelin will continue to serve the membership in these specific areas.

Ron Shepherd, Director
Membership & Business Development

Ron Shepherd, Commercial Credit

Ron Shepherd, a certified international credit professional, serves as a member of FCIB's
leadership team as the Director, Membership and Professional Development.

Ron earned a BSBA in finance from the University of Richmond and then went on to earn an
MBA with a concentration in financial management from American University. As an
adjunct faculty member, Ron has taught community college and college level business courses.

His professional experience includes having served as a financial analyst at Signet Banking
Corporation, an asset-based loan officer at Commercial Credit Business Loans, Inc.,
manager of Bank Relations and then director of Investor Relations at Commercial Credit
Company and as vice president of sales at Euler Hermes.

Ron has enjoyed a strong working relationship with FCIB for the past eight years, deciding
to support the organization by accepting the full-time director position as of January 1, 2011.

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