Global Business Information Services, Inc. (GloBIS)

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FCIB is proud to announce a new partnership with GloBIS, a provider of difficult-to-access business information. GloBIS offers credit reports on any company, any size, anywhere in the world. By partnering with GloBIS, FCIB is able to offer a new line of reports with even greater detail than our standard reports via the In-Depth report on Chinese companies and the GloBIS-ICP on other companies worldwide. These reports are offered at a discount when purchased through FCIB.

If you need to ensure compliance, explore extensive payment terms, qualify a distributor, agent or JV partner, then these reports are for you. In addition to the content in our standard credit reports, you will find a comprehensive examination of the company as a whole to enable you to move them up in the relationship chain and uncover the facts about them globally. These reports are used by many other well-known organizations such as the US Commercial Service, the US Department of Justice, the Associated Press, General Electric and Deere & Company.

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Two Types Of Reports: In-Depth Report & Globis-ICP

In-Depth Report: For companies in Mainland China only. Contents of this freshly investigated report on any company in China include the company's official registration information, ownership, financials (where available), credit rating and the following:

  • Important Events (for example, whether publicly listed)
  • Development Outlook
  • Potential Risks
  • General Comments
  • Investments of Executives (shows the main executive(s) shareholding in other companies, including basic registration information on that company)
  • Board of Directors
  • Board of Supervisors
  • Organization Structure (shows the different departments)
  • Production Facilities & Capacity (includes any quality certifications)
  • Patents & Trademarks
  • Sales Channels & Market Distribution
  • Import & Export (totals, last 2 years)
  • Taxation Records
  • Quality Inspection Records
  • Benchmark Analysis (analysis of profitability and growth capacity, operating capacity, solvency)
  • Industry Profile (main Industry Definition, Industry Status & Trends)
  • Industry Financial Ratios (compares financial status to other Chinese companies in the industry)

GLOBIS–ICP: On any company, anywhere in the world. This freshly investigated report can be provided on any company worldwide. Contents include the company's official registration information, ownership (where available), financials (where available), credit rating, business scope and description and the following:

  • Adverse Data Monitoring (includes litigation record, debts, adverse media, etc.)
  • Payment Terms
  • Bank Details
  • Local Branches & Management
  • Company Directors (where available)
  • OFAC Check
  • FCPA Q&A
  • Reference Checking
  • Site Visit Including an Interview