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Awarded to those who successfully complete the International Credit & Risk Management (ICRM) online coursesm, the CICP is a globally recognized mark of distinction, signaling to employers that holders have mastered a broad range of global credit management concepts.

The Certified International Credit Professional (CICP) designation provides a mark of distinction that encourages professional development in global credit management and risk analysis while expanding knowledge.

Upon successful completion of the 14-week FCIB International Credit & Risk Management online coursesm, and passing the final certification exam you will be awarded the lifetime Certified International Credit Professional (CICP)sm designation.

Over 2,100 credit professionals have earned the prestigious CICP designation since its inception, proudly displaying their CICP credential in signature lines and on business cards. The visibility and recognition of the CICP designation grows in popularity as holders talk about their positive experiences, share and impart knowledge gained through the course.

International Credit & Risk Management Certification

Read the journey of an ICRM student and how he earned his CICP designation.

CICP: Knowledge that Lasts a Lifetime

Historically, the CICP was a designation that required an annual recertification. But as the CICP is a designation earned through study and academic accomplishment, the FCIB Board of Advisors has requested that it become a lifetime designation with no recertification requirements beginning in 2012.

All past and present CICP holders, regardless of CICP status will be awarded a lifetime CICP designation. Lapsed CICP designations will be reinstated and all future CICP graduates will enjoy its advantages for life.

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About the ICRM Course

In 2004, in partnership with Michigan State University and the US Department of Commerce, FCIB developed, designed and launched the first course of its kind – the International Credit & Risk Management online course℠ (ICRM). Designed to educate global credit professionals about the intricacies of global credit and risk management, the ICRM course delivers vital, up-to-date knowledge to entry-level professionals as well as to senior-level executives.

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