As an executive-level designation, the requirement to participate and share expertise is critical. ICCE candidates will need to illustrate their willingness to be engaged international credit professionals, thereby strengthening both the executive and the FCIB association. Participation must be related to international business credit or global financial management and should be at an advanced level.

Participation points will be awarded for:

  • FCIB membership
  • FCIB Discussion Board contributions
  • Participating either as a speaker, presenter or panelist at conferences
  • Completing FCIB surveys
  • Workshops/Roundtables
  • Webinars, including FCIB's On-Demand Webinars
  • Teaching and leadership
  • Service on committees, the FCIB Board of Advisors or the European Advisory Council
  • Services within a credit management institute or association of the applicant's respective country

Point offerings will be displayed on conference, seminar, workshop and webinar material. As new offerings evolve, they will be weighted for participation points. Here's a sample listing of the point value for participation:

Type of Participation


FCIB membership

1 year = 2 points

Graduate School of Credit & Financial Management International (GSCFMI)

10 points

FCIB International Credit and Risk Management Summit or FCIB Global conference

5 points

Seminars, Workshops, or Roundtables

full day = 2 points
half-day = 1 point

FCIB or NACM Speaker, Presenter or Panelist

3 points

FCIB Webinars or Teleconferences

1 hour = 1 point

FCIB Executive Service

1 year = 2 points

Participation in FCIB's monthly Credit & Collections survey and NACM's CMI survey.

1 survey = ¼ point


5 points

FCIB Discussion Board Participation

1 post = ½ point

Contribution to FCIB Shared Resources

1 point

Earned honors, awards or achievements

1 point