Providing expert global economic analysis of current events, FCIB's team of global economic advisors keeps the FCIB members up to date through Strategic Briefs, Commentaries and European Strategic Briefs.

Chris Kuehl, PhD | Managing Director | Armada Corporate Intelligence

Dr. Chris Kuehl

Chris serves as economic advisor for the National Association of Credit Management. In that capacity, he prepares and comments on the monthly Credit Managers' Index report. He is also the author of Strategic Global Intelligence Briefs, a newsletter that FCIB members currently receive and enjoy as a benefit of membership. He completed his graduate work at the University of Kansas and, prior to launching Armada in 2000, was a professor of international finance and economics for 15 years in the United States, Russia, Hungary, Estonia, Singapore and Taiwan.




Freddy Van den Spiegel | Former Chief Economist | Current Economic Advisor | BNP Paribas Fortis

Freddy Van den Spiegel

As former head economist and current economic advisor for BNP Paribas Fortis, Freddy Van den Spiegel is a respected authority in the area of bank regulation and macro-economics. He is also a Professor at the Free University Brussels, where he teaches courses in Financial Management, Financial Markets and Financial Institutions. He has been a Visiting Professor at Warsaw University since 1992 and is a Visiting Professor at Vlerick Centre for Financial Services. As an economist, he has a specific interest in the effects of European integration and worldwide globalisation on financial markets and risks.

His other specific field of interest is Banking Regulation and Supervision: he is Chairman of the Steering Group regulation and supervision of the European Financial Services Round Table. Also, he was a Member of the European Commission expert group, preparing the priority programme for the commission for 2005-2009. He is Chairman of the Consultative Panel of CEBS, Member of the Inter-Institutional Monitoring Group for EU financial integration (mandate of the European Parliament), and Chairman of ELEC Belgium (European League for Economic Cooperation).