Insights on international trade: Open account
Open account is one of the four primary international trade methods of payment. In this video Matt Jergenson explains why importers prefer open account terms as means of extending days payable outstanding. He also discusses how Trade Payables Finance programs can help both importers, and their overseas suppliers, meet their working capital needs.

Insights on international trade: Adding value to global supply chains

Nelson de Castro shares how International Trade Services works with companies to help make their international business safer and better prepared for sustained growth. We take time to understand our clients business to bring holistic trade solutions designed to add greater value to their global supply chains.

Insights on international trade: Optimizing working capital

Treasurers and CFOs alike are focused on optimizing working capital and extracting additional value from their company’s supply chain. In this video David El Hadj discusses how importers and exporters can improve their international working capital. David discusses how buyers can extend days payable outstanding and conversely, how sellers can reduce days sales outstanding.

Insights on international trade: International payment methods

Determining the best payment method for international trade transactions is critical for both importers and exporters in effectively managing cash flow and risk, and staying competitive in the global marketplace. In this video, Elizabeth Johnston provides an overview of the four core international payment methods and their implications for importers and exporters. Elizabeth also reviews the key considerations in determining the best method of payment for international trade transactions.

Insights on international trade: Export letters of credit

Export letters of credit are a key financial instrument to help exporters alleviate risk and guarantee payment. In this video, Hanna Abraham discusses how exporters can make the most of export letters of credit, including how exporters can extend payment terms to their customers and still receive faster payment.

Insights on international trade: Import letters of credit

Margaret Byers explains how import letters of credit work in international trade transactions to benefit buyers and sellers. The primary differences between an import letter of credit and a standby letter of credit are also discussed.

Insights on international trade: Documentary collections

Hannah Abraham explains how documentary collections fit within the four primary international trade methods of payment. Hanna also shares when a documentary collection should be used over a letter of credit.

Insights on international trade: Standby letters of credit

Standby letters of credit can function as a safety net for exporters in international trade transactions. In this video, John Johnson discusses the basic functions of a standby letters of credit and how they differ from documentary letters of credit.
Incoterms 2020 Video Series
Incoterms® 2020 Video Series in Partnership with the Institute of Export & International Trade

Trade Finance Global spoke to Chris Southworth, Secretary General of the ICC United Kingdom, and Lesley Batchelor OBE, Director General at the Institute of Export and International Trade about Incoterms® 2020 and what this means for businesses in the United Kingdom.

Basel III

BNP Paribas Fortis presents this 10 minutes animation on Basel III for non-specialists. This Video "Basel III for dummies" is based on life presentations by Lars Machenil (CFO BNP Paribas) and Walter Rosenhek (Basel 3 Program Manager BNP Paribas Fortis).