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Currency Risk

February 2023 edition with Fred Dons.

Political Hot Spots

January 2023 edition with Chris McKee.

Trade Credit Risk

December 2022 edition with Jay Tenney.

Currency Risk

November 2022 edition with Fred Dons.

Political Risk

October 2022 edition with Chris McKee.

Trade Credit Risk

September 2022 edition with Jay Tenney.

Currency Risk

August 2022 edition with Fred Dons.

Geopolitical Risks & Hot Spots

July 2022 edition with Antje Seiffert-Murphy, CFA.

Trade Credit Risk

June 2022 edition with Jay Tenney.

Currency Risk

May 2022 edition with Fred Dons.

World Trade REF

April 2022 edition.

Trade Credit Risk

March 2022 edition with Jay Tenney.

Currency Risk

February 2022 edition with Fred Dons.

Political Hot Spots

January 2022 edition with Christiane von Berg.

Currency Risks

November 2021 edition with Fred Dons.

Trade Credit Risk

September 2021 edition with Jay Tenney.

Currency Risks

August 2021 edition with Fred Dons.

Political Hot Spots

July 2021 edition with Carolyne Spackman.

Trade Credit Risk

June 2021 edition with Jay Tenney.

Currency Risk

May 2021 edition with Fred Dons.


Best Practice: Collection Techniques in the U.S.

In debt collecting, location matters and collecting can be complicated. Find the best places to bring your claims and sift through this complicated process. Share experiences, innovations, and technologies to help you collect payments in a timely, efficient manner without violating state or federal laws. Other topics of interest include an overview of U.S. commercial collection law, shipping and insurance, personal guaranty, letters of credit, and credit applications.

Predicting Cash Collections: How to Effectively Use Analytics to Modernize the Global AR Department

Learn how today’s credit executives are optimizing the power of business intelligence, visualizations and dashboards to bring their departments into the modern age.

Partnering Strategies for Increased Recovery with Third-Party Collections

This webinar gives you practical tips to help you increase the possibility to collect. Learn about collection fees, necessary documentation, internal policies you should implement, the involvement of the sales department, settlement, litigation and the use of technology to manage the recovery process effectively.

Legal Obstacles to International Collections

This webinar will give you the knowledge to avoid potential landmines and to structure your contract to your company’s advantage, tightening up the potential loose ends increase risk and cost you more money in the end.

Credit Policy

Credit Management Strategies

7 winning steps to making credit control work for you and your customers. How to overcome internal obstacles.

Best Practices for International Risk Mitigation

The Global Credit Risk Manager must develop a broad understanding of the concept of "Global risk." In this session, we look at the elements of risk in the extension to and acceptance of credit by a customer.

Early Warning Signs – Keeping a Pulse on Your Counterparties

This Webinar presents an overview of how counterparty risk is managed in today's global business environment and teaches the essentials for successfully trading into the 21st century.

How to Read a Credit Insurance Policy

Discover the most important points of reading a credit insurance policy. Topics to be discussed: Understanding your reporting requirements, Ensuring all special endorsements are accurately reflected on the policy, Verifying all your customer credit limits, special conditions and related terms of sale are correct, Fully understanding Maximum Extension Period/Stop Shipment policy language, Checking and verifying overall policy maximum limit of liability and individual country limits of liability, Verifying deduction and threshold/non-qualifying loss amounts, Ensuring Discretionary Credit Limit and the DCL qualifiers are clearly understood and Checking premium amount and credit limit fees

Country Specific

Latin America: Collection Methods and Payment Enhancement Devices

Learn the differences in payment practices and terms you need to understand when collecting or rescheduling overdue balances from your financially stressed customers.

Customer Service

Customer Visit

This webinar covers core skills and knowledge required for carrying out face-to-face effective customer visits. Find out how to make the Customer visit a successful tool to achieve additional market intelligence, insight, and perspective that may not otherwise be available and get a positive outcome

Telephone Techniques: Essentials

If you or your team are involved in collecting money, then this Essential Telephone Techniques webinar is for you. Using theory and practical applications, this webinar will provide a logical step by step approach for those involved in collecting money by telephone. It covers the skills and mindset for successful telephone collection, the issue of late payers, negotiation techniques, how to handle difficult customers and identifying excuses vs. real reasons for non payment.


Assessing Key Financial Information – The Balance Sheet and Beyond

Learn about Events That Affect Cash Flow, Recognizing Potential Problems in Financial Statements and a look at the key ratios for balance sheet analysis and Country Standards - Factors in Understanding Financial Statements

Financial Statements, Trends, Payment Terms and Red Flags in International Credit Risk Management

This webinar will provide the attendees facts related to international financial statements including the difference between GAAP and IFRS, how these differences in accounting principles can affect financial ratios, and will review Red Flags related to financial statements.

Financing International Sales Utilizing Forfaiting

This 1-hour webinar will discuss forfaiting, what it is, and how it works as well as exploring the advantages and benefits, the costs involved and acceptable risks. Also addressed will be forfaiting's value and application through dissecting samples transactions.

Insolvency & Non-Financial Warning Signs

This webinar will help you to identify if insolvency is looming, perhaps even before owners acknowledge difficulties themselves.

Intelligent International Credit Decisions

This webinar will provide tips and techniques for credit managers facing the challenge of evaluating their company's foreign customers, especially amid trends toward larger credit limits, longer payment terms, and other demands from international customers and sales reps. It will also include updates on credit conditions in key international markets in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. These topics will be addressed not only in the context of the ongoing global recession but also with an eye to the coming economic recovery, which may engender even bigger credit challenges.

Chapter 15: Demystifying the Bankruptcy Code and Other Cross Border Insolvency Developments

This webinar is designed to demystify Bankruptcy Code Chapter 15's complexities, discussing how Chapter 15 works, what Chapter 15 filings are being used to accomplish, and practical advice for trade creditors when a foreign debtor files a Chapter 15 case.

UCC's-The Financial and Psychological Advantages

UCC Filings can alleviate write offs due to bankruptcy, there's no debating that. Having a UCC Filing in place can allow you to open and extend your trade credit line as well. But, can a UCC Filing help you get paid; and paid faster than your competition? This session will cover the UCC basics and help you realize the Financial and Psychological advantages of being a secure creditor.

Optimizing Cash Flow by Leveraging ePayment

During this 1-hour webinar, speaker Michel Vincent will discuss topics: Introduction on Cash Flow optimization, The Payment Landscape in USA and Canada, A review of the various payment methods, ePayments evolution and trends, Some of the leading ePayment Solutions and Top strategies to promote ePayments

Leadership Webinar Series

The Power of Influence and Purpose

Master the purpose behind crucial leadership influence for maximum organizational impact. No matter how compelling the vision or how brilliant the strategy, without leadership influence, there is no execution. This results-oriented seminar provides you with practical techniques to shape your leadership messages, hone an authentic leadership voice, and engage in powerful conversations that achieve results.Influence is an essential component of leadership. Your position in an organization and the power it gives you, aren't always enough to motivate people to do what you ask.

Leadership Webinar: Conflict Resolution

During this session, participants will learn to: Identify points of disagreements, Understand how to define needs and commitments, Improve professional relationships, Resolve future conflicts, Create a culture of clear communication

Executive Decision Making

How do you make critical executive decisions? Developing decision-making skills can help you gain respect, dignity and closure. It is your reputation and ability to influence your audience with the finesse and leverage necessary to increase one’s ability to accelerate time and secure successful outcomes. During this session, participants will learn to: Assess the components of Effective Decision-Making Build confidence and credibility while gaining poise in delivery Attain greater business results through influence, performance enhancement and ability to negotiate more effectively. Identify decision-making triggers through nuance recognition

Building Relationships with Key Stakeholders

During this session, participants will learn to: Differentiate between monetary reward and inclusion, effectively engage in meaningful dialogue, understand people, motivators and aspirations, evaluate social styles through emotional intelligence, and gain organizational stature and credibility.

Thinking Strategically

Developing your strategic thinking skills can help you gain commitment from people at all levels—direct reports, peers and bosses. In this session, learn the six elements to successfully influence your executive teams and stakeholders with critical tools and techniques to leverage your point of view.

Driving Accountability

During this session participants will learn to: Convey a compelling business story with purpose Institutionalize organizational ownership and accountability Enhance credibility as a leader Drive accountability through positive influence vs. advocacy Generate financial, operational and global performance results

Driving Change and Executing Plan

During this session, participants will learn to: Understand the dynamics and critical tools for driving change, Identify priorities and roles & responsibilities for optimal execution, Improve communication & collaboration with key stakeholders, Achieve “Buy-In” for accelerated business results, Learn to enhance your influence leadership capability.


Negotiating Payments

The course will specifically focus on applying different approaches to situations requiring credit staff to influence and negotiate with their business partners and customers. Find out how to negotiate and influence payment, face-to-face, by telephone and email for simple and complex situations.

Payment Methods

Letters of Credit 101 – Basic

Export LCs serve as an efficient means of payment and reliable means of credit assurance, however, if the documents are noncompliant, it can delay your payment up to six weeks. This webinar discusses the details of unconfirmed LCs, confirmed LCs and standby LCs. Sherri Lane, director of Consulting and Insurance Services, and Charlie Kelly, vice president of Trade Technologies Inc., will help you sharpen your basic understanding of letters of credit. Learn how to accelerate cash flow and streamline trade, details about the nuts and bolts of the LC process, how to avoid discrepancies and how to make LCs an effective payment mechanism or a major headache and how you can avoid the latter.

Letters of Credit - Advanced

Commercial Letters of Credit (LCs) can be an effective payment mechanism, provided the proper steps are followed. Join us for our advanced letter of credit webinar that goes beyond LC basics to address key details about letters of credit and how to make them work for you. The webinar will be broken into two one-hour segments.

The BPO (Bank Payment Obligation) – An Alternative Means of Settlement in International Trade

The BPO is a financial instrument governed by legally binding rules: the ICC Uniform Rules for BPO (URBPO) and supported by global open messaging standards. Learn about pro and cons of this cutting-edge financial instrument and the practical approach to using the BPO for your international transactions.