South and South-East Asia: Covid-19 strikes back and could mitigate this year’s economic performances April 30

Russia: Tightening of US sanctions April 21

Ecuador: Newly elected right-wing president Lasso is facing a challenging presidential term April 20

Global supply chains: Under pressure amid a lack of container ships April 16

Mozambique: Enormous investment expectations are weighed down by escalating violent conflict April 9

Short-term political risk: Azerbaijan, Eswatini and Mauritania upgraded; Anguilla and Sri Lanka downgraded April 1

Middle East: Shifting US policy in the Middle East March 25

Turkey: A likely return to more unconventional monetary policy following central bank governor dismissal March 24

Haiti: Violent protests are likely to continue in the coming year as the president is unwilling to leave his post March 18

Mexico: Ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and government policies are hurting private businesses March 16

India: Public spending support and a bad bank could further boost a strong recovery this year March 11

El Salvador: Bukele has become the country’s most powerful leader in three decades after his party won a supermajority March 10

Armenia: Mounting political tensions following Nagorno-Karabakh ceasefire agreement March 4

Algeria: 2021 finance law announces fiscal measures and imposes additional import restrictions March 1

Kosovo: A cocktail of anti-corruption, jobs and nationalism leads to a landslide electoral victory for the anti-elite party February 23

Cuba: Government is opening up the economy amidst the worst economic crisis in more than three decades February 19

Vietnam: Successful economic story to continue beyond a contained Covid-19 pandemic February 17

Steel sector: Steel prices have soared on the back of increased Chinese demand February 11

Tunisia: New wave of protests highlights the country’s difficult socioeconomic situation February 8

Myanmar: A state coup brings back full powers to the army February 5

Mining sector: Iron ore and copper prices soared on the back of increased Chinese demand January 29

Malaysia: State of emergency and new lockdown to tackle third wave of Covid-19 January 21

Road freight transport: Weakened European sector remains subject to further disruptions due to Covid-19 January 20

Kyrgyzstan: Sadyr Japarov won the presidential election by a landslide January 14

Qatar: End of blockade eases regional tensions and benefits longer-term Qatari development plans January 11