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European Union: Enhanced US-EU trade tensions add worry to a struggling European manufacturing sector October 11

Guyana: Government struggles to set election date while the country stands at the dawn of a new age thanks to oil October 1

Greece: Currently out of the woes but long-term prospects remain hampered by delicate solvency position September 27

Short-term political risk: Cameroon, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Zambia September 27

Iraq: Recovering from years of conflict, but political risks expected to remain high for years to come September 27

Chile: Diversifying the economy by turning the country into a financial centre amid US-China trade war September 19

Saudi Arabia: Recent oil facility attacks exemplary of how tensions in the Gulf are running high September 19

Timor-Leste: A maritime deal signed with Australia improves the long-term prospect of LNG exploitation September 13

India: A large dividend transfer to the government confirms the central bank’s declining independence August 30

Lebanon: Is the storm coming? Dark clouds over Lebanese economy August 29

Ethiopia: A country standing at cross-roads August 26

Belarus: What are the main drivers of ST political risk? August 8

Haiti: Ongoing protests put short-term risk classification under pressure August 6

Shipping, refining, bunkering will all be shaken by the entry into force of the IMO 2020 regulation as from 1 January next year August 1

Pakistan: Implementing the new IMF programme to get out of the crisis will be challenging July 24

Turkey: Low liquidity and reliance on external funding remain Turkey’s Achilles heel July 24

West African Economic and Monetary Union: Despite strong economic growth performance, the risks confronting the WAEMU are rife July 22

Historic EU-Mercosur agreement to have large impact on both trading blocs…if ratified July 16

China: African swine fever: game changer in the global agribusiness sector July 10

OECD premium categories: Vietnam upgraded, Namibia and Zambia downgraded July 8

Papua New Guinea: New PM committed to a more redistributive pro foreign-investment policy July 3

Paraguay: Upgrade of medium-/long-term political risk classification from 5/7 to 4/7 July 2

Stronger anti-migrant rhetoric from Trump likely to hit Central American countries the hardest June 27

Egypt: The continuation of economic reforms is improving macroeconomic fundamentals June 26

Country Risk Updates, Short-term political risk June 19

Central African Republic: Classified in Credendo’s highest short-term political risk category June 18

Kazakhstan: Policy continuity after first transition of power amid less favourable domestic and external situation June 13

Seychelles: Upgrade from 6 to 5 for medium- to long-term political risk  June 3

India: Landslide victory at general elections for PM Modi and his BJP party  May 27

Argentina: Despite economic and fiscal improvements, Macri has a hard time convincing voters  May 20

Iran: Escalation still unlikely as US-Iran tensions rise but conflict can impact wider region  May 17

Ecuador: Despite ongoing structural reforms, economic and political challenges will not disappear quickly  May 16

Thailand: The preservation of the military’s power despite electoral defeat will not guarantee political stability  May 15

Benin: Recent election is a great setback for Beninese democracy  May 7

Ethiopia: Debt sustainability remains largest risk to MLT political risk outlook  May 6

Sri Lanka: Unprecedented IS terror attack adds risks to the outlook  Apr. 30

Ukraine: The vague agenda of the newly elected president increases uncertainty  Apr. 29

Indonesia: Policy continuity after Jokowi’s probable re-election  Apr. 25

Mozambique: Cyclone Idai exacerbates economic hardship  Apr. 15

China: The new foreign-investment law could be a major milestone in the quest for a fragile trade deal with the US  Apr. 4

Country rating updates, Short-term political risk: Congo DR, El Salvador and Timor Leste   Mar. 27