Major Country Developments

NAFTA Special Report

More US CLO Managers Considering ESG in Investment Decisions

An increasing number of CLO managers are citing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors as a consideration in investment decisions.
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Resilience 2022

Supply chain risk management and operational resilience demand collective responsibility, collaboration, and information sharing with both internal functions and external suppliers and strategic partners. Most executives acknowledge they need to do a better job on all fronts.
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The Long-lasting Economic Shock of War

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is an unmitigated catastrophe for global peace and particularly for peace in Europe. But the war also greatly compounds a number of preexisting adverse global economic trends, including rising inflation, extreme poverty, increasing food insecurity, deglobalization, and worsening environmental degradation.
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A new bear market in American shares

Could the sell-off raise the danger of a recession?
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