Major Country Developments

NAFTA Special Report

Mexico 2024 Budget Guidelines Highlight Commitment to Fiscal Stability

Mexico’s recently released 2024 budget guidelines signal a general continuation of the country’s fiscal path including prudent management to offset revenue deterioration. The overall implications of the forecasts and framework do not change our fiscal or macro expectations. The economic outlook remains clouded, however, namely by deteriorating growth in the U.S.
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Rethinking Monetary Policy in a Changing World

After decades of quiescence, inflation is back; to fight it central banks must change their approach
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Red Tape Revolution: The Sanctions and Restrictions Wave That Will Transform Supply Chains in 2023

In 2020, U.S. Customs and Border Protection blocked 314 shipments connected to forced labor worth $50M. In 2022, they blocked 2,398 shipments worth a staggering $466M! What’s behind this massive increase in trade restrictions? And what will it mean for large businesses and their global supply chains in 2023 and the years beyond?Learn more about the state of sanctions and restrictions in 2023.
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Green revolution 2.0: How to fix the global rice crisis

The world's most important crop is fuelling climate change and diabetes.
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