Major Country Developments

NAFTA Special Report

Neutral US Diversified Industrials & Mfg. Sector Outlook for 2023

The US Diversified Industrials and Manufacturing sector outlook is neutral for 2023, as high order backlogs, easing supply chain pressures and margin tailwinds from recent price increases offset weaker macroeconomic growth. Ratings across the sector consider cyclicality and generally should withstand a moderate downturn. Most of our portfolio has a Stable Rating Outlook; however, Positive Outlooks outnumber Negatives, largely due to improving FCF and declining leverage.
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A Call to Clean Energy

The global energy crisis highlights the need for a massive surge in clean energy investment.
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Procurement Leaders: Proactive Resilience: A New Source Of Competitive Advantage

It is no longer enough to rely on annual, point-in-time snapshots of supplier risk – organizations must pursue and enable continuous monitoring of their entire supply chains form the first Tier to the Nth, in order to proactively mitigate against incoming threats.
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The gaming market: CoD and chips

Trustbusters should let Microsoft buy Activision Blizzard - Blocking the deal is as likely to harm consumers as it is to protect them.
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