Major Country Developments

NAFTA Special Report

US Bank Credit Loss Reserve Coverage Reverts to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Reserve coverage for many U.S. banks is declining toward pre-pandemic Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Day 1 coverage levels, as the economic fallout from the global pandemic subsides and stabilizing or improving economic outlooks of the past 12-18 months are incorporated in CECL model forecasts
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Barbarians at the garden gate

Hostility towards private equity’s push into property is misguided.
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Information Risk Insights Study: IRIS TSUNAMI

Created by the Cyentia Institute, sponsored in part by Interos, this report identified 50 of the largest multi-party cyber incidents over the past several years in an effort to understand their causes and consequences from beginning to end.
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World Economic Outlook, October 2021

The global economic recovery is continuing, even as the pandemic resurges. The fault lines opened up by COVID-19 are looking more persistent—near-term divergences are expected to leave lasting imprints on medium-term performance. Vaccine access and early policy support are the principal drivers of the gaps.
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