Supply Chain Finance programs have been growing these last few years, and look to continue to grow aggressively. With access to credit becoming increasingly more difficult for non-investment grade corporates,  SCF is another tool to potentially help finance your supply base. While intuitively simple, these programs require coordination from various internal departments.

Join David Gustin, President Global Business Intelligence, for a 1-hr webinar as he discusses:

  • A roadmap and best practices for designing a Supply Chain Finance (SCF) program
  • Best practices when addressing internal organizational issues
  • Key barriers to supplier adoption and how to address them



David Gustin, CFA, President, Global Business Intelligence



David Gustin is the founder and President of Global Business Intelligence ("GBI") since 1996. GBI is an organization dedicated to multi client and private studies around global trade credit and financial supply chain issues. His clients included financial institutions, financial technology vendors, transportation vendors and professional service firms.

Prior to establishing Global Business Intelligence, David worked on various strategic and operational assignments in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia/New Zealand with Booz*Company. He is a former VP of Security Pacific National Bank, and VP of Mellon Bank. David's formal education includes an Information Systems and Economics degree from Carnegie-Mellon University, an MBA from Purdue, and a Chartered Financial Analyst designation.