International Certified Credit Executive (ICCE)

Over half of FCIB’s CICPs currently maintain their designation status by earning the required continuing professional development or education points. Within this majority, many have expressed the desire for yet another means through which they can advance their career and standing within the international trade credit and finance area.

For these professionals, FCIB is pleased to present the International Certified Credit ExecutiveSM (ICCESM) designation. As the name implies, this executive-level designation has been created for international credit and risk analysis professionals who are ready to make an impact on the world stage by excelling beyond their CICP designation.

ICCE candidates and holders are those interested in engaging the global credit community and who place a high value on continuing education as a means to securing the information and knowledge necessary to maintain their executive status. As a member of this global community, ICCEs participate in their associations by either serving on committees, work groups or completing surveys, answering questions posted on the FCIB Discussion Board or LinkedIn page or taking a leadership role by serving as a panelist or speaker.


To apply, download the ICCE Certification Application

The ICCE Explained

Two key and equally-weighted components comprise the ICCE designation: EDUCATION and PARTICIPATION. ICCE holders embrace education as the key to staying on the cutting edge of global commercial and risk management practices and information. In addition, they are visible leaders of the global credit community through participation.

A candidate must earn the CICP before applying for the ICCE. To earn the CICP academic-based designation, candidates must take and pass FCIB’s International Credit and Risk Management online course. Recertifying for the CICP will no longer be required; the designation is now earned for life.

A CICP holder must earn 20 points (10 education and 10 participation) in two years to achieve the ICCE level. The same process—20 points in two years—maintains the ICCE designation recertification. This ensures that ICCE holders remain active and committed to their profession and to keeping their knowledge current.

How Do I Certify?

Simply complete the ICCE Certification Application in the provided PDF format. We recommend saving a working copy on your computer desktop as well as printing a hard copy for travelling purposes to update as needed. Additionally, print a completed version and keep it in your files. Upon completing the application and attaching all documentation (such as documentation about non-FCIB events claimed), submit it by email to, by fax to +410-740-5574 or by mail to:

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