Worldwide Credit Reports

Get the most up-to-date financial information available on international customers
Each FCIB Worldwide Credit Report order starts with a fresh investigation.

FCIB’s In-Depth Credit Reports provide a comprehensive view of a company’s legal status, ownership, management, banking and finance, operational and payment history, and the latest full financial statements*. Our vetted partners conduct on-the-ground investigations of subject companies by contacting trade references, government sources and employees.

FCIB’s Next Business Day Reports cover more than 60 countries and offer a fast and affordable alternative to our In-Depth Credit Reports. Built upon a fresh investigation, not a database, they provide verification of a company’s legal status, basic financial information*, a predictive credit risk rating, credit recommendation, legal filings, operational history and more.


In-Dept Reports

Next Business Day Reports

In-Depth Reports
Next Business Day Reports
Fresh Investigation YES YES
Trade Name Verification YES YES
Trade Name Verification YES YES
Registration Verification YES YES
Contact/Address Verification YES YES
Credit Risk Rating YES YES
Credit Limit Recommendation YES YES
Number of Employees YES YES
Shareholder Information YES YES
Historical Currency Comparison YES YES
Subsidiary Information YES NO
Contact References YES NO
Financial Information YES LIMITED
Board Members and Key Staff/Executives YES NO
Trade References YES NO
Operations & History FULL LIMITED
Property & Assets YES NO
2-Week Question Period YES YES
Contract Required NO NO
Minimum Order Required NO NO

* Content varies due to the availability of public data sources in certain countries.

FCIB understands the importance of quality and turnaround time, and monitors both aspects on an ongoing basis.

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